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Chuck and Brenda have been married since 1960 and were high school sweet hearts. Chuck originally started his career at Xerox but after 10 years he grew tired of the corporate life. So, Chuck and Bren moved with their three sons Chris, the eldest, (a Surveyor in California working for the Bureau of Land Management) Jon, the middle son, (working at Bailey's for many years, he is our head mechanical technician and also works on the BHQ) and Mike, the youngest of the three, (He helps build our Bailey's Home Quilter machines). They moved back to their home town of Perry, NY where both of them grew up and opened Bailey's Sewing Center in 1970. They started with Singer and Viking sewing machines but around 1973 they saw that Singer machines weren't quite what they used to be. So, they looked into a company called New Home/Janome and later the Juki company which is the largest manufactures of industrial sewing machines.

Chuck and Brenda had their business in Perry for 22 years during which their surprise son Dan was born, the youngest of their children. I am Dan and I manage our IT department. I work on the Bailey's Home Quilter, Manage and repair computerized machines. Chuck and Brenda's eldest children (the first three) all worked at Baileys various times during this time. I spent a lot of time growing up in Perry and live there today.
After Perry we moved to a Geneseo store in the same mall that Wegmans is in. We enjoyed the Geneseo years. We could get what we wanted for lunch with a lot of choices. At this time Chris was at University in Maine, Jon and I worked full time at Bailey's and Mike helped part time. It was the last couple of years at the Geneseo store (12 Total) that Chuck came up with the idea for the Bailey's Home Quilter. He built his first prototype and then a couple more until he had a finished machine (The original BHQ 13). Chuck realized there wasn't enough room at the Geneseo store and found our current location in Leicester, NY (Pine Tavern) which we have been at for over 10 years.

Once we had settled in to the Leicester store Chuck wanted to get more serious about the Bailey's Home Quilter and we had the space to do it. Soon Chuck had made handles and many other accessories for the BHQ when he decided to build a 15 inch version (BHQ Pro15) which was a success and still is. Around this time stitch regulators were a hot item so we attempted to use the Grace regulator with our machine and even consulted outside help to make it compatible with the Bailey's Home Quilter. Unfortunately we had no luck with the Grace regulator. It's a nice regulator just wasn't going to work for us. Thats when we decided to create our own regulator specifically for the Bailey's Home Quilter machines.

The Sew Control regulator really helped us grow our customer base and we have a pretty good reputation across the internet where there are many groups that discuss our machines. Business was going well but I felt that we should come up with a larger machine so we began planning the 17 inch machine which we all had input in on how to increase the sturdiness of our frame (we later tested this across all our machines including the 20 and found we had better frame rigidity than Janome) and Chuck came up with our enhanced lighting kit to go with that machine. It was a hit as well. Since then we have added a few accessories and the Sit-Down Tables and I thought we should do a 20 Inch machine so, again, Chuck started working on a larger machine which is quite an undertaking. The latest improvement is the high-performance, single hole needle plate.

Chuck and Brenda have 5 grandchildren and are very happy with how things have been going over the years personally and professionally. The Bailey's Home Quilter is successful, everyone is healthy and our customers are happy. Who could ask for more.

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